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Founded by an engineer, entrepreneur, mentor, and investor Dayakar Puskoor, DVC is a team of passionate entrepreneurs on a mission to disrupt the VC-entrepreneur relationship for better. The deep technology expertise, industry knowledge, and market understanding of our team helps companies overcome the most difficult stages of the entrepreneurial journey and stay focused on what matters most – scaling your business. By turning challenges into milestones and bringing the ‘DVC Advantage’ playbook to our startup ecosystem,  we aim to redefine expectations that startups have from the VCs.

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Our typical investment stage is post-product market fit, where our first check size is between $2-5 million. We do follow-on investing in our portfolio, up to a total of $10 million and occasionally will invest prior to the product-market fit stage. Similar to our Advantage program, our initial capital is focused on enabling the startups to scale.

Our primary offices are in Dallas, Texas and Hyderabad, India, but we are actively investing all over the US and India. In the past, we have also invested in globally focused startups with headquarters in USA.

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