Ravish Ailinani

Ravish Ailinani

Why DVC Invested in Hippo Video

While our lives continue to migrate online, the most engaging online content is that which is most similar to our offline lives: video-based, personalized, and real-time. We see this in the rise of consumer applications like TikTok, whose video-based social media platform zoomed past Instagram in user engagement per post (18% for TikTok compared to 4% for Instagram) and also prompted Instagram to build a fast-follow copycat video feature itself…

Why DVC Invested in StepFunction.ai

As the software industry has evolved from a perpetual license model to SaaS pricing models, companies have evolved in how they approach working with their customers. Delivering a wonderful customer experience is no longer limited to building a good product but extends to all customer touchpoints and ongoing customer engagement. For the best SaaS companies, these customer interactions are not a cost center but rather a critical component….

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