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Dallas Venture Capital LLC
222 W. Las Colinas Blvd,
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Dallas Venture Partners India LLP
Dallas Center 83/1, Plot No A1,
6th Floor, Hyderabad,
Knowledge City, Rai Durg,
Telangana - 500032

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At Dallas Venture Capital India Fund 1, investor satisfaction is our foremost agenda. In case of any grievance or compliant:
  1. Please contact our compliance officer Mr. Shyamprasad Satya Penumaka with email id [email protected] and phone no +91 98661 14627
  2. You may also approach Mr. Kiran Chandra Kalluri with email id – [email protected] and phone no +91 98663 05339.
  3. In case you are not satisfied with our response you can lodge your grievance with SEBI at http://scores.gov.in or you may also write to any of the offices of SEBI. For any queries, feedback or assistance, please contact SEBI office on toll free Helpline at 1800 22 7575/ 1800 266 7575.
  4. In case you are still not satisfied with the resolution through SCORES portal, you can initiate the dispute resolution through ODR portal at https://smartodr.in/login .
Note: The dispute resolution through ODR will not be possible, if
  • a. The complaint or grievance is not raised with the compliance officer first and subsequently on the SCORES portal.
  • b. Dispute raised is pending before any arbitral process or court or tribunal.
  • c. Dispute is non arbitrable in terms of Indian Law.
  • d. Dispute is time barred in terms of law of limitation.

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