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Dallas Venture Capital invests in Prophecy.io

[Dallas, Texas, 12/10/2023] DVC has invested in $35M Series B raise of Prophecy.io, a low code data engineering platform along with investors like Insight Partners, Signal Fire and JPMC.

Data platform teams today need an easier way to enable data practitioners to develop data pipelines efficiently and in a standardized way. The current approach to data pipeline development leads to longer pipeline development times, increased maintenance, and constant exception-handling, as data engineers work to fix issues caused using non-standard operations. This calls for a new approach to data pipeline development which is modernized and standardized.
Prophecy.io solves these issues with its low-code data transformation platform that makes it easy for anyone to build and deploy data pipelines without writing code while Prophecy generates underlying source code. This not only helps institutionalize knowledge by integrating this into Git or other code repositories, but it also prevents enterprises having vendor lock-in. This is a major breakthrough, as it democratizes and standardizes data engineering, making it accessible to a wider range of users. Prophecy’s platform replaces on-premises extract, transform, and load (ETL) products, enabling enterprises to have thousands of data pipelines in production, making it the latest and greatest solution for data engineering needs that is ushering in the new era of data management.
Prophecy is led by a strong team that has a deep understanding of data engineering. In a short period, the company has scaled rapidly and achieved exponential growth. We believe that a strong growth trajectory and Fortune 500 customers are testament to Prophecy’s immense potential. This confidence is echoed by leading co-investors who believe in Prophecy’s vision.
“Prophecy raises Series B – tremendous work by the team in tough times. We’re delighted to have customers and partners put their trust in us and join the round!” said Raj Bains, Founder and CEO of Prophecy.io.
We at DVC are excited to be a part of Prophecy’s journey and partner with the team at Prophecy along with amazing co-investors to help the company achieve its full potential. We are confident that Prophecy is a company to watch in the coming years.
About Dallas Venture Capital (DVC):
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