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Jim DeBello


Jim DeBello is a technology entrepreneur and chief executive with a proven track record of achieving rapid growth and exceptional shareholder value. He has demonstrated leadership and vision to think outside the box, create exciting solutions, build global enterprises and develop highly efficient teams. He has raised over $100 million in capital for companies he has led in AI, social media, WiFi and telecommunications.
He holds six patents and has run technology companies in six countries. As co-inventor of Mobile Check Deposit, DeBello transformed banking for 80 million consumers and the world’s largest banks. He grew Mitek Systems, Inc. from $0.12 per share with a market cap under $5 million to NASDAQ listing and a $500 million valuation.
Jim holds a BA from Harvard, where he graduated magna cum laude and an MBA from Harvard’s Graduate School of Business. He is married to Tracey, his wife of 34 years. He is the doting father of Hadley, a Harvard honors graduate and Chinese Yenching Scholar. DeBello lives with his family in San Diego and is an avid sailor.

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