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Kamesh Somanchi

Venture Partner & Chief Business Officer

A dedicated Health and Life Sciences senior executive for over 2 decades at Global organizations like Accenture, Cognizant and Atos, Kamesh brings transformative ideas, insights and best practices to Insurance, Hospitals & Health Systems, Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device, Public Service entities in the areas of IT Strategy & Transformation. As a Senior Executive and a widely recognized leader in HLSP industry, Kamesh has excelled in building, managing and growing large P&L ($2B) as part of his illustrious career, as he partners with customers, providing C Level guidance in accelerating their growth agenda while helping them transform into high performing business.
Kamesh has successfully built go to market strategies, high performing teams and reinvented business models to drive outcomes for customers. As an author and industry known thought leader, Kamesh built industry first and multi cloud/digital technology driven Payer-Provider collaborative model, Consumer & Physician Engagement model, Connected Care Model, the initial Real World Evidence/Data model and the Patient Centric Clinical Research model that tapped into nascent markets and grew them to become standard/mature offerings that are common in the industry today.
A strong believer in caring for the communities we live in and giving back, you’ll find Kamesh volunteering time as well as fund raising for various charity organizations. He loves to read about India mythology, modern medicine and has two high energy kids and a doting wife, who challenge him to exceed their lofty expectations as a family man, everyday!

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