Kamesh Somanchi

Kamesh Somanchi

Kamesh Somanchi, Venture Partner & Chief Business Officer of Dallas Venture Capital (DVC), a dedicated Health and Life Sciences senior executive for over 2 decades at Global organizations like Accenture, Cognizant and Atos, Kamesh brings transformative ideas, insights and best practices to Insurance, Hospitals & Health Systems, Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device, Public Service entities in the areas of IT Strategy & Transformation. As a Senior Executive and a widely recognized leader in HLSP industry, Kamesh has excelled in building, managing and growing large P&L ($2B) as part of his illustrious career, as he partners with customers, providing C Level guidance in accelerating their growth agenda while helping them transform into high performing business.

Measuring and Driving Workforce Performance in the Digital World: AmplifAI in Focus

Measuring and Driving Workforce Performance in the Digital World: AmplifAI in Focus

As part of the DVC Advantage program, we have been guiding AmplifAI, one of our portfolio companies, in its vision to help customers sharpen the focus on the need to develop high-performing talent to deliver transformational value to their customers.

In a world of constant disruptions, organizations need to develop multi-faceted strategies to stay in the game and be competitive. As someone who had managed high performing teams, I know first-hand that the collective talent of an organization is the prime source of differentiation and competitive advantage.

As organizations are digitalized in every aspect of their business, to adapt and survive in this digital world, enterprises need to understand that it is their people who will underpin their success in a world that continues to reinvent itself at a rapid pace. Success relies on a simple equation of the ability to identify and retain the best talent and deploy that talent to drive better workforce performance.

Therefore, it is essential to create a compelling place to work for employees, who can then create a compelling place to buy for customers, which delivers superior business results and creates shareholder value.

While employee experience and workforce performance are on top of many organizations’ agendas but for a range of different reasons, these have been very slow and remain siloed experimentations due to lack of frameworks and tools, constant disruption driving new corporate cultures, and volumes of change and old formulas’ driven thinking.

In our analysis, we see organizations facing the following serious limitations:

  1. Lack of real-time data and data harnessing techniques from all internal data sets to avoid lengthy and time-consuming surveys, feedback, and interviews.
  2. Inability to identify, retain and develop high-performing employees as the talent competition is going to be a real business challenge for the foreseeable future.
  3. Inability to create actions, measure effectiveness, in a flexible, modular approach towards developing a workforce performance blueprint that can be rapidly applied.
  4. Serious lack of ability to correlate employee personas and journeys with the most important customer personas and journeys to develop a roadmap to improvements/outcomes and actions to increase engagement, productivity, and retention.

This is exactly where AmplifAI comes into play as a NextGen AI-Driven People Enablement for Employee-Centric Enterprises.

When organizations move from constant analysis paralysis of diagnosing, assessing, and creating, dismantling focus groups and confusing employees with surveys to more of a much focused and pointed transformation that begins with harnessing the very best of tech with your existing data and innovation as the first major step. The result? Reimagine your workforce and transform your business at the speed that you need, to be a disruptor not disrupted! 

What is more:

Becoming an employee-centric organization to become a customer-centric organization, is more than a technology transformation. Organizations need to change their corporate cultures, operating models by looking at technology that enables people to constantly adapt, learn, and continually create new solutions on the backbone of using employee personas to drive better employee experiences. 

In all, it is vital to remember one central point: before moving into workforce performance transformation, you can avoid time-consuming and expensive activities and course corrections and drive workforce performance that pushes your organization to higher levels of business performance and sustainability. 

That’s, in AmplifAI’ terms “Enable People, Improve Performance, Make Work More Fun”

Having just persona data in a spreadsheet won’t work anymore. It is time to digitize all internal data sources, digitize personas. It’s time to use them to improve the employee experience — take the entire employee journey and break it down into individual moments, help to identify the moments that matter most where you can step in to improve the experience. Doing this requires a vastly different and complex skillset as well as new operational functions. Getting this right from the get-go is extremely critical to creating a foundation for rapid innovation and inventing new business and revenue models.

The DVC Advantage program helped AmplifAI with their pursuits by facilitating strategic partnerships with large financial and retail organizations giving them immense scale to accelerate their growth. With great leadership, growing clientele, and the opportunity to positively influence better outcomes for enterprises in areas of personas, journeys, and performance, AmplifAI is uniquely positioned to help enterprises of all sizes in their workforce performance transformation journey with purpose and precision-driven transformation to a high-performance organization. DVC Advantage continues to play a significant role in further accelerating AmplifAI’s growth as with the recent hire of a key functional leader for AmplifAI.


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