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Murali Narayanan


An advisor to Naya Ventures and to some of its portfolio companies since 2012, Murali Narayanan is an innovator at heart who holds 8 patents in his name till date. Starting his career at Bell Laboratories in the mid-70s as a fault tolerant computer architect and designer, Murali held senior management positions across several major companies such as Microsoft besides leading many startups throughout his career.
Until his retirement in 2018, Murali was with Planet Labs as an advisor to the company’s CTO. Before joining Planet, he was a consultant with AT&T IoT Solutions group and drove the development of wireless communication capabilities to meet the needs of auto manufacturers building autonomous vehicles.
Murali has an MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Business, MSEE from University of Michigan, BSEE from Indian Institute of Science and BS in Physics from University of Madras (now Chennai). He is an avid nature photographer and lives with his wife Mythili and daughter Priya in Redmond, WA.

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