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"In the last resort, sheer insight is the greatest asset of all"

Based on actionable insights, our market outlook
helps in building a proactive approach to success

Building a proactive approach to success

With COVID greatly impacting tech space, and companies rapidly competing for market dominance amidst budding innovative industries, the common question revolves around the best place to pivot/invest?

Based on our deep analysis of recent market data, here are the key Insights:


  • Mobile cloud, big data, AI,Saas¬†
  • SaaS crosses $100B run rate, much juicier/appetizing market
  • Immense growth in Saas by Microsoft, salesforce, and Adobe
  • $172B cloud market, overall GDP 88 Trillion
  • In cloud economy, scaling is the top priority¬†
  • Power of 2nd Act: Can you add one more product/service, or acquire tech? Can we make a slight pivot to increase revenue?
  • Example: Raj w/ Kore.ai pivot to virtual assistance, 10 mil to 100 mil revenue potential

Future of work is remote

HR heavy focus for remote workforce due to COVID,companies that work on security and employment training (Ex: Amplifai optimizing employee training)

Privacy debt new technical debt

So much debt on B2B side, so governance/cloud compliance companies must protect and secure data to prevent breaches

Cloud will go

DVP is living testimony that there is no monopoly in Silicon Valley for cloud tech, Shopify is also another piece of proof. India is another rapidly growing player in this space that has many opportunities in cloud and Saas B2B market space.

B2B transactions move online

This is already true for Uber and other apps, but on the enterprise side, there is more opportunity in areas like healthcare and manufacturing, and with B2B marketplace, there is a better focus on solving vertical issues, instead of horizontal issues

API heavy economy

Enterprise between applications, with Microsoft ecosystem as example: companies need APIs in order to sell product and expand market

Automation at Scale

Server less, shift to edge computing as this can immensely help budding 5g companies access massive amounts of information locally (5g companies searching for companies that can help ease processing). Our own portfolio company Viviota can fulfill this role, as 40bil devices are projected on 5g, this is a highly valued space.


Based on insights above from analyzing market data, our investment criteria is specifically centered around partnering with US and India startups that have traction and high growth in those trending industries mentioned above such as AI, IoT, Cloud, and emerging tech within the expanding B2B enterprise market. We aim to be the primary Series A investor for growing pre-series A companies that generate 1-10M$ within a high value industry, and have experience in scaling.

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