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Raghu Chittimalla

Venture Partner

Raghu Chittimalla is a Venture Partner at Dallas Venture Capital. Raghu is a seasoned IT executive with over two and half decades of technical and leadership experience. A successful entrepreneur grounded in strong values, Raghu can take on complex issues and driving them to logical resolution. He has established himself as a leader with a proven track record in planning, leading, and implementing comprehensive strategies in support of business goals and objectives. He employs strong work ethics expecting the same from people he works with.  He successfully led large teams of for profit and non-profit organizations.
Raghu prides in his ability to build and lead high-performance teams. His people and communication skills, along with a solid foundation in technology, enable him to be a valuable leader, mentor, thought leader and coach to his team. His peers and colleagues describe him as a strong team-player, constantly seeking common ground, and effective in his communication and listening with stakeholders to coordinate overall achievement of program/project goals.  As an analytical and results-oriented executive, his ability to quickly identify problems and assimilate information allows him to develop a comprehensive vision while designing creative and effective solutions. 
Raghu serves in the capacity of Advisor on the Boards of several entrepreneurial programs and non-profit organizations in the Dallas area. He is also actively engaged in giving back to the community through mentoring upcoming professionals and supporting community events. He lives in Dallas with his wife and two sons. He loves travelling, badminton, golf and action movies.

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