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Venkat Kolli

Venture Partner

Venkat Kolli is a Venture Partner at Dallas Venture Capital and helps manage cross-border investments in Enterprises B2B SaaS sectors. He is  the current CEO at Oorwin Labs Inc (AI-powered Talent Intelligent Platform) and oversees strategy & finance across the organization. Venkat is also the acting Chairman at Tachyon Technologies, an SAP digital transformation services firm. Under his leadership, Tachyon had grown significantly across the globe and had been ranked 5 consecutive times as Inc fastest growing companies and 3 times by SMU as the 100 fastest growing companies in Dallas.
Prior to that, Venkat has experience working at various consulting services firms providing advisory and consulting services. Venkat possesses experience working with a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 to smaller organizations providing consulting services in different industries like Utilities, Life sciences , Consumer goods, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Telecom.  

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