Shyam Penumaka

Shyam Penumaka

Shyam Penumaka, Partner of Dallas Venture Capital (DVC), he brings more than two and half decades of experience in Investment Banking and Information Technology. As a founding managing partner of an advisory firm, Shyam has advised multiple startups across technology and solar sectors to raise equity capital and in M & A transactions. A seasoned information technology professional with a global outlook Shyam has domain expertise in telecom, benefit administration and banking industries across North America and India. Shyam had led EDCs (Extended Delivery Centers) in India for large telecom operators in North America, UK and Europe. Shyam managed the engineering organization for a Silicon Valley startup that built multi tenet employee retirement self-care and employer contribution portals. Shyam volunteers for non-profit organizations and was the Hyderabad Chapter President of “Youth For Seva”, where he led multiple projects in green and health sectors in partnership with CSR divisions of large MNCs. Shyam holds an MBA from the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad.

Why DVC Invested in IntelleWings?

Global regulations require every financial institution to comply with Anti-money Laundering/Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Sanctions. However, the existing solutions are both outdated and inefficient, leading to incorrect reporting and hefty penalties by regulators. As per Reuters, over $342 billion in fines have been imposed globally for non- compliance between 2009 to 2017. IntelleWings’s AI-powered and SaaS enabled AML/CFT Compliance solutions, thus, make a compelling case for investment.

According to a recent analysis by Emergen Research, the global AML Software market was valued at $1.6 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $5.7 billion by 2030 at a 15% CAGR. IntelleWings robust proprietary solution is built on strong domain and technical expertise within the team. Also, there is an enormous scope for DVC Advantage to accelerate its growth in financial services industry across India and the US.

IntelleWings is revolutionizing RegTech (Regulatory Tech) with customer centricity and cutting- edge technologies like Machine learning and Algorithmic filtering. IntelleWings’ innovative and comprehensive approach to AML/CFT compliance was recognized by the International Compliance Association (ICA), and its founder and CEO Pramod was nominated for Innovator of the year 2021, for disrupting the Compliance space. One of the largest private sector banks in India recognized IntelleWings for its accuracy and comprehensiveness. And, many leading financial institutions are currently testing or doing integration on the offerings of IntelleWings. It also has 10 live clients in the UAE and the pipeline for customers is expanding rapidly.
With the vision of reducing corruption and terror funding, IntelleWings has developed its proprietary AML/CFT global database for customer screening, a key differentiator, along with CFT Sanctions and Adverse Media Checks. Also, another significant differentiator IntelleWings Eye, provides a simplified view for complex transactions and helps in determining the outliers in the transactions easily, which speeds up the detection of money laundering patterns. IntelleWings’ AI-powered solution demonstrates a large reduction of false positives in alerts savings organizations large amounts in operational costs.

Pramod Sharma, Founder and CEO, has 13 years of experience at Infosys. During this time, he developed various banking products for global financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Lexis Nexis, etc. and won awards for exemplary design/architecture. IntelleWings is a nimble and highly customer focused team of 35 passionate people. IntelleWings comes with a strong leadership team having complementary skills, knowledge and professional experiences. The team has multiple prior experiences of working together that has helped strengthen the dynamics within the team. The company has also been aided by an impeccable team of advisors coming with hundreds of years of professional experience in the financial services industry such as RBI, Deutsche Bank, ANZ Grindlays Bank, etc.

DVC Advantage will play a strategic role in IntelleWings’ growth strategy, which is centered around revenue acceleration from expansion in new geographical markets, strategic business development and channel partnerships and addition of world-class talent to match its future scale of operations. The product and its client list had a positive response from key leadership at leading fintech companies. DVC partner and advisory network has a strong connect with the technology leadership in financial services and will be able to add significant value to the growth strategy of IntelleWings.

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