Dallas Venture Capital

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together"

Accelerating the lifecycle of innovative companies
and leading them to early success

Giving momentum to accelerate the startup growth

Having a team with vast experience in growing and scaling technology startup companies and a great network of advisors and partners, we help our portfolio companies overcome key obstacles and accelerate their growth. By offering a unique DVC advantage, we bring a momentum to the startup growth journey besides providing capital support.

DVC focuses on accelerating each of the Portfolio companies to achieve an approximate 10X growth in their revenues in two years. We do this by helping the company in multiple areas such as product and technology strategy, mentoring executives, corporate governance, business development and talent acquisition. Depending on the investment structure as well as the current state of the startup, we help provide a special team of domain specific experts that works closely with the Fund’s investment team and the management of the company to achieve the revenue growth targets.

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The DVC Advantage: How we help

Build A Team

We help identify any current and future gaps in talent and leverage our extensive network of technical, sales, marketing, and product rockstars to find the best fit for your domain and business

Grow Your Customer

One of our strongest value add is supercharging your business development. Once you have validated product-market fit, we bring in our network of executives at F500 and multinationals to not only drive executive level sponsorship for sales, but also make introductions at the mid-manager levels for building lasting relationships that will be critical to customer success and revenue generation.

Guide Your Strategy

We help find the best subject matter experts for your business, across product, domain, strategy, customer success and growth, or financial specific matters. Our experience with the startup playbook enables us to find the right matches and identify any potential pitfalls before they occur.

Secure Follow-on Capital

In addition to our initial and follow-on capital, we are able to secure growth stage investments from strategics and later-stage funds through a combination of our pre-existing relationships and brand name. Fundraising is one of the biggest time drains for founders, and we want to help you get this done in the most efficient and successful manner.

Get Exits Done

We have helped accomplish a wide range of successful outcomes, from achieving sustainable profitability, to acquisitions at many multiples of revenues. Our secret lies in our ability to bring all parties to the same table and align incentives. We’ve had a track record of successful realized exits in alignment with founders, and will continue to do so

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